Who am I?

Hey thanks for stopping by. My name is Justin, and one thing that I think stands out about me is the fact that I am wholeheartedly a “people-person.” I love meeting people and being that connecting bridge that brings people together. I value the rarity of a perfectly collaborative team, and enjoy facilitating opportunities for people to work together in ways that result in a positive experience for all involved. Over the past few years I have attended many design conferences, in particular I have been a Conference Associate at the Game Developers Conference for the past 9 years. From the connections and lasting friendships I have made, I feel that the gaming community is one that I would most comfortably thrive in, but I am not limiting it to that!

The majority of my career experience lies in 7 years of Graphic Design varying from digital to print based design as well as quality assurance for all the design production. I’ve developed Instructional Designs using Flash, Powerpoint; and print and digital work using, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, and more. I would revel in an opportunity within the industry wherein I would combine my skills with my passion for video games or other entertainment media.

I also have experience in, and enjoy, organizing as well as attending community events in the form of competitive gaming tournaments, LAN parties, group costume construction for social conventions, think-tank sessions and game jams.

justindwc@gmail.com · 480.277.7940 · LinkedIn · Twitter

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