Crooked Road Records

My cousin Danny, down in Amarillo, Texas, called me up a couple months ago looking for some help in the digital department. He and his team at his university were putting together a small company for their class and they needed a logo.

Since they didn’t know anyone with graphic design or illustrator skills, he asked me if I could make me something. I accepted.

He sent me a couple of concepts, which were already pretty decent as far as concepts go (in my opinion), and from there I came up with two different concepts.

The first two are Danny’s originals that were just “Live Traced” (adding a certain element of grunge that I kind of liked) and the last two were my concepts. I liked where I was going with the road going through the text but I just couldn’t seem to nail the execution. So I moved on to just putting the crooked road by itself, and it worked out nicely.

Here are the original concepts:

CCR Logo Concepts “All Rights Reserved”

Here is the logo on a larger scale also with color inverted:

Crooked Road Records "All Rights Reserved"

3 thoughts on “Crooked Road Records

  1. can I use the name “Crooked Road Records” in order to promote musicians native to the Crooked Road area in Southwestern Virginia? (I am also a native of this are, in Wythe County, VA).

    1. Hey man, I’m Justin the guy from who designed the “Crooked Road Records” logo. I am afraid the owner of the design is going to keep the name and is not looking to give it up. I am sorry to say. If you have any questions let me know.


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