Spice up that CC!

Wells Fargo offers this feature, for debit and credit cards, to customize the image/artwork on your card.
You can choose from a selection of preselected art or imagery or you can upload your own image!

For some reason I’ve yet to be allowed to use this image, the reason why is beyond me.

It merely has the words Veritas et Ventus, which just means Truth and Virtue. What’s so unauthorized about that!?

here are there guidelines:

Wells Fargo has the sole discretion to accept or reject any image. The guidelines below will help you choose an acceptable image.

For all images you must:

  • Own the image or have permission from the owner to use the image on your card.
  • Have approval from the owner if you use any logo, name, or tag that isn’t yours.

Images that include any of the following will be rejected:

  • Trademarks, copyrighted materials, advertising, or branding.
  • Celebrities, musicians, athletes, entertainers, or other public figures.
  • Telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers, addresses, or email addresses.
  • Cartoon characters or artwork that you have not created and/or do not have permission from the copyright owner to use.
  • Violent, offensive, anti-social, or death imagery – including any other material that could be perceived as violent.
  • Provocative, lewd, or sexual content – including nude, semi-nude, or partially clothed pictures of people of any age.
  • Dead animals, including game animals.
  • Political or religious imagery.
  • Symbols representing money or other content that might result in confusion at the point of sale, or that might result in card fraud.
  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs (for example, gangs, hatred, drug or alcohol abuse, graffiti, profanity, or other obscene behavior or gestures).
  • Images of flags, unless it is one of the flag-related images from our photo gallery.

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